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We are pleased to present new research chemical in the line of indole-based cannabinoids. MMB-CHMINACA is also known among users as MDMB-CHMINACA. On the website you’ll know:

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As well as other research chemicals MMB-CHMINACA shows its potency to CB1 receptor as a strong agonist. By its pharmacology MMB-CHMINACA could be compared to JWH-018 and AB-CHMINACA. That is why it’s necessary to choose MMB-CHMINACA dosage correctly.


MMB-CHMINACA must be used in forensic purposes and scientific researches. As human drugs many research chemicals are considered controlled and scheduled as they are fall under illegal status. MMB-CHMINACA is forbidden for human consumption. It must be used only for laboratory needs and tests by professional researchers. Research chemicals must not be used on humans. Among the side effects of consumption it is worth mentioning hallucinations, visual effects.


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